Targovax ASA – Correction of the proxy form attached to the notice of the Annual General Meeting

Reference is made to the stock exchange notice published on 28 April 2023 where Targovax ASA (the “Company”) published the notice of the annual general meeting to be held at the Company’s offices at Lysaker, on 22 May 2023 at 14:00 hours (CEST).

The matters on the agenda were erroneously numbered in the original proxy forms attached to the notice (Appendix 1) in both the Norwegian and English versions of the notice and in VPS.

Please find attached a revised proxy form where this has been corrected. No revision has been made to the notice. The revised Appendix 1 replaces the original Appendix 1 in its entirety. The numbering has also been corrected in VPS.

The voting reflected in the advanced votes and the proxies already received will be adjusted to the corrected numbering (i.e., votes relating to items 11 and 14 in the original proxy forms will be disregarded).

The notice and appendices are also available on Targovax’ website https://www.circio.com/en/section/governance/general-meetings/

TRVX – Notice AGM 22.05.2023

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