Circio has established a nomination committee composed of three members, in accordance with its Articles of Association.

The nomination committee shall give recommendations for the shareholder elected board members and the members of the nomination committee, and make recommendations for remuneration to the Board members. The remuneration to the members of the nomination committee is determined by the general meeting.

The current Nomination Committee was elected at the general meeting 20 April 2022.

The majority of the committee members are independent of the Board and the executive management, and all  members of the nomination committee are elected until the annual general meeting in 2023.

Nomination of candidates to the Board

Circio’s shareholders are entitled to nominate candidates to the Board of Directors of Circio ASA. Nominations may be submitted by sending an e-mail to Nominations must be received by 1 February to be considered for the election at Circio’annual general meeting that year.

All members of the Board of Directors are up for election at the annual general meeting.

All proposals should include information about the candidate, grounds for consideration and contact information to the person the candidate is nominated by.