The general meeting is the highest authority of Circio ASA. All registered company shareholders have the right to participate and express their views at general meetings.

Once every year before 30 June, shareholders are invited to the annual general meeting to approve last year’s accounts and vote on other resolutions. The Board of Directors may at any time call an extraordinary general meeting.

Notice and supporting documents will be made available on the company’s website no later than 21 days prior to the general meeting. A shareholder may request the documents sent by mail by sending an email to¬†

In the notice of meeting the company may specify a registration deadline, which may not expire earlier than three days before the general meeting in question.

Circio encourages its shareholders to use the right to submit proposals and vote, either in person or by proxy. Shareholders, who are not able to attend the general meeting in person, may give proxy to another person attending the meeting.