Targovax is a clinical stage immuno-oncology company developing immune activators for combination therapy in cancer. Targovax has a diversified immune activator portfolio and aims to become a leader in this area. The Company’s lead product, ONCOS-102, is an oncolytic adenovirus armed with an immune-stimulating transgene, which is currently being investigated in four ongoing clinical trials.

Targovax’s vision, “activating the patient’s immune system to fight cancer”, is based on the foundation that our immune activators can enhance the response to other complementary therapies, thus extending and transforming the lives of cancer patients. The company’s pipeline includes a several of product candidates aimed at different cancer types such as melanoma, mesothelioma and peritoneal cancers. The products are designed to alert the patient’s own immune system to the presence of the cancer, with favorable safety and tolerability profile both as a single agent and in combination therapy.

The fundamental objective of the Company is to position Targovax as an emerging leader in the immune activator class within the field of immune-oncology, by:

  • applying its proprietary immune activator technologies in multiple cancer indications where there is a significant unmet medical need
  • prioritizing product candidates based on emerging preclinical and clinical data
  • developing the most promising product candidates, both through its own clinical trials and through collaborations
  • evaluating the combination of its product candidates with checkpoint inhibitors (CPIs) and other relevant complementary therapies
  • continuously expanding the intellectual property portfolio
  • optimizing manufacturing capabilities to ensure later stage clinical trial and commercial supply