Rights issue – Subscription period

On 19 June 2024, the AGM approved the rights issue announced on 29 May 2024

Transaction size: Up to NOK 52m
Subscription price: NOK 2.5
Record date for allocation of subscription rights: 21 June
Subscription period for the rights issue: 24 June (09:00 CEST) to 8 July (16:30 CEST)
Trading in subscription rights: 24 June (09:00 CEST) to 2 July (16:30 CEST)
Publication of outcome: 9 July
Warrants: Issued shares to be granted warrants in a 1:1 ratio
Warrant exercise period: 4 – 18 December 2024
Warrant price: 30% discount to VWAP (floor of NOK 0.6)

It is possible to subscribe both with and without subscription rights and oversubscription is allowed. However, allocation is not guaranteed when subscribing without subscription rights.

Click here for information regarding how to subscribe in the rights issue

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